Big Street (DVD production)

Hey man,

Stoked to see your post. Even more stoked to go ride after watching your vid. Thanks again for the enjoyment and motivation. As always, top notch stuff from you, of course I am a little bummed about the no high quality version… tho I understand.
Music was good too, very impressed by that.

Highlights- You have your own style and I dont think Ive seen anyone ride ramps quite like you. Some old school Dan H kinda riding. Also your skinny skills, Damn. Top it off with some BIG grinds and ballsy stunts. Lookin’ good bro.

Hopefully we wont have to wait quite as long, for your next one, this time.:wink: Well worth the wait.

you are very good. i would have payed to see that. I envy you

very nice, i like it

now thats what im talking bout, thats the shit right there, sweet vid man, put a dvd on hold for us fer sure

Dan! Come to the NZ uni weekend! Its in 18 days!


hey man, i would love to man, but aint got no money, you gonna come over to AUS april for AUS champianship?? i’ll be there for unicon dude dont worry

yea this thread rocks
thx for all comments!

until now it’s all i have filmed. but it’s too less for a dvd, i must either film more or add old movies to the dvd…

no comment :wink:

hmm. i’m scared of that one lol. we will see

it is not my back leg. watch it exactly. it’s mi front leg when i jump up. then the wheel turns half and back again in the air. this is the only way i can do one footed jumps

@agentQ thx man. i expected your post^^

@Emile.m yes i got them finally one handed

Such an original style.

Not techy enough for my taste, of course :p. But it seems as though you have skills in other areas, and most definitely have STYLE.

I too, was wondering about that 1 footer. I didn’t know it was possible to do a back foot 1 footer lol.

I liked the little effect on the video were the top was color but it slowly faded to black and white.

Edit: just saw your post above on the 1 footers. Lol wtf?

seriously awesome video, loved the gap to backwards skinny ride, the 360 off the skinny, the fakie grinds and the just the way you make everything look huge. eg. the line from 1:00 to 1:07, so smooth, awesome. did you use a program to make he music? or like a drumkit and scratch board? sounds pretty awesome.

That was truly incredible. I loved every sec. You had some great line i envy your style.

I concur whole-heartedly, eh? Unspeakably epic. Loved the Ramps and the old-school, H-core feel to a lot of the lines.

April, hell yeah i’ll be there.

So will i :smiley:


wow this video is incredible!!!

you learn very fast cedric;)

really cool video and DVD, i liked it a lot!


Raphael von Tirol

Cedric has been riding longer then I can remember? lol

riding since 2000. yeah but i still learn fast haha

I’ve always liked your riding, from all of your vids. Really fresh style but at the same time, it gives me a nice familiar feeling.

That was really cool. Is the actual DVD going to have more footage? Very nice!

:astonished: my goodness! When did you get so good. Your doing incredible things. Your flow and style is exactly like Xavier Collos. Keep it up man!

who let this fall so far down the page? shame on you…

such a sick vid, watched it twice. You’ve inspired me to get back on my uni and not half ass it!