Big score tonight for the TOque Games !

We got a trailer load of wood tonight to build
structures for the TOque games pretty much for free ! About 40-50 2x4’s and some sheets too.

The best was 6 round 4" wooden poles that will
be cut to heights ranging from 6" to 5’.
This will be one of the hardest structures to hop on. Starting on the ground hopping from one to the next up and up to the highest one at about 5’.
Remember they are only 4" diameter poles and will be at least a foot apart too.

Sunday will be the first structure build date.
Ryan, Jeff, Pete, Darren and others will be building.

If you are coming to TOque and want to have something built, post a note in this thread and we will see about building it for the event.
We are looking for new ideas.

Special thanks goes to Rob McCormick
(Emily’s dad - young BC wheel girl in Spaced Out)
and his friend AL who got us the wood.
Thanks guys !

Less than a month to go !!!

Gotta be about 500.00 worth of wood if we had to pay for it. Big thank you again !


Congrats!!! I Wish I Could Make It Up There And Try My Hand At Some Trials But Im Afraid I Have To Much Planned This Year And Im Already On A Tight Budget But Ill Have To See What Happens But Next Year Be Prepared To Laugh Cuz I Will Probably Make A Fool Of Myself

But Congrats On The Wood And I Hope The Tourney Goes Well And Stay Safe Dont Need Anyone Gettin Hurt But Be Stupid Cuz Thats What It Takes To Win…I Think :thinking:

stop typing like that. its really hard to read through. and nice work darren. too bad i can’t make it.

Wow, now I want to go even more. Alas…

I wish you could get some of the wood we go through in my school. Every week we throw away around 10-20’ of 2x4 in sections ranging from 2-3’. Plywood sections 2’x2’ or less also get scrapped. In the beginning of the year we had about 200 sq. ft of platforms, in sections ranging from 2’x2’, 1’x4’, to 6’x8’. They ranged in height from 8" to 48" tall. We also have a few scrap spools. Too bad I don’t have the space to utilize the bou
ty at my feet.