BIG RIMS/TIRES. Is this TOO big?

“No $H|t, there I was…”

At a LBS I was just looking for gloves and shorts and the guy who works there is looking at my Yuni MUni with the Gazz and Sun Doublewide. We started talking and he tells me that he’s got something that I gotta see. He goes to the back and brings out a DH bike with the widest rim I had ever seen. He said it was for sand riding. Check out the pics in my album seen here: BIG RIM ALBUM

The front rim is about 4 inches wide and he has mounted on it a 26x3.0 Gazzaloddi. You can see my tire next to it in one of the pics. My Gazz, though 3.0 as well looks tiny next to his mounted on that 4 inch wide rim. (I didn’t measure it, but he said the rim was 4 inches.)

He even has a spare rim, as shown in the pic with the 26x3.5 inch sand tire. I think you see where this is leading… :wink:

He said that the sand tire, rim and bike are all custom and he can get a uni made with this stuff. In fact the guys who made it told him that they are working on a line of unicycles, unknown if that line includes this super rim.

Anyway, Now that you know the background, I’m wondering if there is such thing as TOO wide. Yeah, it’s gonna be heavy, but it’s not gonna be for trials and hoping up stairs, so I don’t see the added weight as a problem. (Based on my 3 months of riding) :slight_smile:

Do any of you think that a Uni with that much wheel girth would be good for bounching down a trail with some moderate uphills? Would it be over kill? How much could it actually help? It looks like a Gazz on steroids!

That flat low profile sand tire looks like it would be pure hell to control on a hard surface corner, anything other than sand, but that rim with the Gazzaloddi, It looks to be “OH YEAH!” fun.

Any advisement or thoughts on this are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Ed Hansen

oh my god!

the only downside i can see would be having a frame accomidating that sucker…it may hit your knees?

Did you see if you’re frame would fit over the tire? think it would?


I’ve only been Unicycling for a month, and am pretty active on this site, but I have never heard of or seen such a monster tire. I’m speachless. It’s worth giving it a shot. You could be a pioneer to the sport of Sand Dun racing. Oh yeah, A Unicycling Legend.


Way cool.

A fat rim like that would probably be good for riding a uni on a groomed snow trail. Making the tire wider and flater would help keep the tire from sinking as much in the snow. But as you said, the wide flat tire profile would be no fun at all on pavement and would probably hinder dirt trail riding too.

But if you’re looking for a sand bike or snow bike that super rim setup is kind of wimpy. Check out this bike
And this ice bike tour of Antarctica on one of those bikes

Kind of funny to see a bike I built on a unicycle page. I have been building some proto unis that will just barely fit those huge tires and I dont have any problems knocking my knees. I must also admit that I might not be a good enough uni rider to knock my knees and Im 6’2". My friend will be selling these unis in the spring under the name “normal cycles” so keep your eyes open.
as far as the ride goes I dont know, I dont have an acutal wheel built up. I just have the prints from the fork and built the unis around that. When I get free time (yeah right) and enough money Ill finish the project.
cheers, Wade

I think Bedford now has some Normal competition!

I want one

Tell your friend not to put Profiles on them :wink:

Good deal… I sent you a email about 3 minutes ago asking lots of questions. I wasn’t sure if you were still around since the last upste on your website was June or July of 2002. Glad to hear you are moving onward the unicycle project.

When you say that it just barely fits the tire, are you talking about the sand tire or the Gazz?

Any chance you’ll have one ready for Moab MuniFest? :wink:

I’m interested in this for offroad uni, not snow or sand biking.
(although Sand Dunes National Park is less than 2 hours from my house :slight_smile: Might have to try it!

Ed Hansen


i thought that looked like a Vulture cycles sticker on the head tube but i figured it would be just a coincidence.i guess not,small world eh?

you come to Salem about as much as i get to Bend,never.

Jagur, Were going to have some kind of Uni fun and frolick in march or april here in bend, maybe that will be a good reason for me to come to Salem Ha Ha. Some day Ill put some pics of the unis on my web page until then its just $5.95 a month to confuse the public.
cheers, Wade

Hey Vulture!

Was that you with the broken nose at the SSWC2k+2?
Hope not
How’s the custom roach-style saddle bladder/cover coming along?
Get me one
Remember, I’m NOT the blitheringly drunk local guy who keeps on trying out your uni. Yeah, that’s right , the other guy. Shiny Pashley
Going to Australia for the 2k+3? I might be there. I’ll whup ya.

I have a uni with a 4 - 5 inch motorbike tyre that works ok - I don’t see why these would be too wide.

  • Vulture - can you get hold of a 24 inch version of the tyre?
    if so where?

  • also what chance is there of you sending one over to the uk - e-mail me ( and let me know how much. As soon as i get one i can drill the rims and build a super frame round it


WOW!!! Thanks for posting. What you really needed in that photo was one more wheel to the right of your unicycle wheel with a regular tyre on it. That Gazz is so much bigger than most wheels that it’s hard to imagine how massive that one on the left must be!


I only had the one with me at the time… But I could take a pic of my Gazz next to the stealth torker and it’s 1.95 inch wheel, which UPS was nice enough to delever to me today! Also next to the chome torker 1.75 inch wheel.

Then people can compare them to the Gazz and then the Gazz to the Big one.

I need to buy stock in Vulture Cycle… I’m giving them too much advertisment. :slight_smile:

Hey Andrew, the comparison pic is up. comparison pic

Thanks Ed. Gazz’s are great!

My tire’s so skinny… a mere 2.125 inches…

Please feel free to contact me to send me any “spare” money you may have to put toward the Unicycles For Those (me) Who Don’t Have Lots of Money Fund… :smiley:

strangely enough i had a dream last night about finding a 22" motorbike trials tyre and rim.
now that is sad.