Big ride out of Winnipeg Saturday

I’m currently in Winnipeg, Manitoba, taking a few days off on my charity ride across Canada (a few hundred km past half-way, one month left). Since Winnipeg is a fairly large city - the biggest since Vancouver - I’m trying to organize something bigger in terms of publicity and attention for the cause.

So here’s my plan on very-short-notice (it’s really hard to plan stuff like this properly while on the road): Round up a big group of unicyclists and our two-wheeled counterparts to meet at The Forks and have a big ride out of the city, haven’t decided exactly how far yet. It will be Saturday (30 May) morning maybe meeting at eight or nine.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get something published in the events section of the paper Friday promoting it, and I’m looking into getting on some local radio to push it. On the actual morning getting papers out should be no problem and I’m hoping for radio and TV as well. It’s interesting: getting media definitely gets easier the further east you go, so many people start and give up that the western media just doesn’t care as much.

So are there many riders in this city interested in coming out and helping get some attention for the longest running war in Africa? Is there a club here I haven’t found through search or google? Any Winnipeggers know off hand some contacts for local biking clubs?



Phil, sorry to have missed you. I had the last couple of days off, but have to work tomorrow for the next few days.