Big red circus walking globe

It’s not strictly a unicycle… but I thought people would be interested all the same. I’m selling a big red circus walking globe on ebay. It’s at 99p at the moment!

Here’s the link:

The sunglasses are for scale, they are not included :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to get one for my son, then shoot videos of him falling off :stuck_out_tongue:

what material is it? fiberglass pure? how much does it weigh?

I have one almost 100 years old, made from wood assembled like a hollow puzzle and covered in canvas.

Hey Billy, can you post a pic of your ball, that sounds very cool!

You cannot see any of the inside, and the canvass is painted very smooth, so it just looks like a ball, may 20" diameter. Mine is bright blue with bright orange stars on it.

In which case I think we need an x-ray :smiley:

It’s some sort of plastic but I’m not sure what type.

I have no idea how much it weighs. It’s not too heavy. Definitely possible to pick up without too much difficulty. I’m away from home at the moment but I will try my best to weigh it when I get back on Tuesday.