Big Problem?

Ok I just got my new Onza 20" trials. :smiley: But it has a problem. :frowning:

When I jump it clicks… More like a popping noise. Yeah I made sure everything is tight. I just got it yesterday. I know there are probably multiple threads about it but here’s one more.

Please help. Kelly.

I just got my onza 20" trials like a week ago and it does the same thing!

I think it might have something to with the spokes or relieving stress on the rim or something.

My KH clicked the first month then is stopped.

Ride it until it stops clicking, then ride some more.

If it’s the hub/crank interface that’s making noise, you’ll ruin it. Just to be sure this doesn’t happen, I would take off the cranks, cover the splines in grease, and put the cranks back on as tight. If the clicking goes away, good, you won’t ruin your hub. If not, I don’t know.

Never ride on creaky cranks!


mine didn´t xactly creak. they clicked. but now they don´t

My KH did that and my friends Qu-AX probably clicking because it’s a machine built wheel. We tightened the spokes and it stopped. It could also be the hub/cranks if it’s them take them off and put anti-size or grease on the spines. Try to figure out if it’s coming from the spokes or the hub

my mates have had that problem (with an onza) and we took it to a uni meet and a guy from was there. he knew what the problem was, it was summit to do with the outside and inside of the hub kinda thing they are not propaly made. just ask if you can send it back and ask them to fix the loose hub parts. the hub is made up of 2 parts (the bit with the spline and the bit where the spokes attatch onto) these are not put together propaly and need to be sent back as soon as possible of else it will go majorly wrong

What Butty is trying to say is Roger (at BMW) was explaining the difference between the new KH/Onza and the old style Onza hubs is the fact the older ones use a keyway to hold the axle to the flange cylinder, where the KH/Onza ones engage on the axle splines.

If you have an old style Onza (2004) with a non KH/Onza hub, your keyway MIGHT be loose & clicking. Its fairly straightforward to diagnose & repair, basically you need to hold the rim (holding the outside cylinder of the hub stationary), grab the cranks and try to rotate them while holding the wheel still. If the cranks move but the wheel stays still, or it clicks, the keyway is loose. Search on these forums and there are decent instructions for dismantling and locking the keyway with loctite.

If its a newer KH/Onza 20", then it sounds to me like its the spokes. The black spokes have a tendancy to ping when they rub against each other (larger friction than chromed ones). It’ll stop when either a) the spokes bed in & stop moving or b) the coating wears off where the spokes touch.