Big one having a rest in NJ

Just sleeping, near Meyersville NJ

Awesome! I’m getting mine this coming week!:smiley:

Maybe stupid, but what frame is that? :thinking:

Peter M

thats the new coker big one frame

it looks so sick.

I’m going to have to dig up the thread on the forum where the weight differences between coker frames were discussed and see how much lighter the new big one frame is from the old coker frame. I have several upgrades I want to do on my 36…I am still using the 12g spokes!

MuniAddict…how many 36ers do you/will you have?

It, indeed, looks sick.
Looks like a Triton Sponge with round crown.

Peter M

Does anyone know if coker is selling the new coker parts seperate yet. I called when they came out and the guy said not yet but eventually. I want the cranks and that frame. BTW how does an aluminum frame feel over bumps?

I tried to find out a couple months ago about ordering the frames. This was the response posted in my thread by the Senior Product Manager at Coker. As much as I would like to buy a frame separately, I’m not holding my breath.

alright thanks, doesn’t look good.

Just one, my Radial 36er. The new big one is 16 bs complete! That’s about 3 lbs lighter than the V2, which has the all steel frame. I will be replacing the new coker saddle with my fusion freeride, and also replace the stock cranks with my quax 114’s, plus my T7 'till the new coker touring bar is available.

For those interested, here is the link to the frame weight thread. The specific post in the thread that lists the most accurate frame weights is here.

How much was s/h to southern California? I’ve been wondering how much this adds to the price but haven’t taken the time to call them up yet.