Big MUNI article in Sunday paper

In the Maine Sunday Telegram there was a very big article about mountain unicycling. Its about Me (Kaycee Stevens), My Brother (Bryan), and Matt Sirocki and a special guest interview from John Foss.

Here is the article online.

Make sure you check out the slide show

I will have the real article from the paper online soon.

very cool article, good job guys

awesome article… but they keep refering to it as a unibike and stuff


dude, that was awsome! They worded it perfect to show how hard, and kewl, and daring unicycling is. Pretty kewl article!

Neat article and I liked the slide show. First time I’ve seen a narrated slide show in an online newspaper. Here’s my favorite picture from the slide show:

Ya that’s me, in the slide show they called me matt stevens.:frowning: