Big Man Coker Tricks

We arrived at the club meeting early tonight so the boys and I had the gym to ourselves for awhile. I had been wanting to practice idling on Diet Coker and tonight the eagle landed. As always, the secret was to put lots of weight in the seat (some of us can put more weight in the seat than others). From there and within the next half hour until the bulk of the kids showed up, I was also able to ride backwards then ride seat out front.

Look out Ben and Brad, here I come!


Oh, and you’ll have to take my word for it this time. The digital camera with the video clip feature went with the layoff as did the company truck.

But, life is good!


Oh man! Sorry to hear about the lay off, Im sure you’re going to come out “on top” (Im a comedic genius, ya know).

Speaking of on top, congrats on the coker idle and such, its a tough skill to master, and Im no where near it.


That is SO cool. Great work, Bruce. I practiced idling a Coker for a while and never stuck with it. Usually I wouldn’t trust you because you’re a lying dirtbag, but I’ll take your word for it on this one.

Ben and Brad, WATCH OUT!! It’s comeback time for BIG DADDY!!!

Maybe, but not near the equivilent of a “Kelsey’s Mom cool”. :slight_smile:

Re: Big Man Coker Tricks

harper wrote:
> *That is SO cool. *

Maybe, but not near the equivilent of a “Kelsey’s Mom cool”. :slight_smile:

yoopers - Bruce & Mary Edwards

Well, I don’t know, Bruce. It seems pretty dang cool to me.

While I’ve heard that Kelsey’s mom is sooooooooo cool, I think Kelsey’s mom
is the only one who actually believes that. She will believe anything.

How’s that Regional event shaping up? I want to see those Coker skills of

Actually, I’d rather HAVE those Coker skills of yours, but oh well.

Nice going!


I’ve met Kelsey’s mom and, you can trust me on this one, she is SOOOOoooo cool. So is Kelsey.

Re: Big Man Coker Tricks

Idling is nice, but I think a jump mount would look really dramatic when
done by a “big man”. Try it, it’s surprisingly easy on a Coker.


Re: Re: Big Man Coker Tricks

Personally I’d like to see that little Devine kid from 1WNL do a jump mount onto a Coker directly into one-foot idling. If anyone can, he can!

Re: Re: Big Man Coker Tricks

OK. Even better, for those of us who saw Zach Vaughn do his running/flying leap mount at UNICON (or John Foss’ copy with a 16" in the Public Show), maybe I’ll give that a try. Then again, maybe “something” would never be the same again after the attempt.