Big in 2K3

With a little more then a week left in 2003, I’d thought I’d start a thread dedicated to the people, events, innovations, and products which made an impact in our sport over the past year. Here is your chance to post what stood out to you.

This is tough. I think what made most of an impact on me would be the fact that I learned how to unicycle this year. Yeah, that’s it.

Good point. I also should throw in your own personal achievements.

So for me:
I learned to 1 foot ride, wheel walk (sort of), hop, and kickup, side, jump, and suicide mount.


This year, unicycling has been my life. I have been referred to several times as, “That guy who rides the bike with one wheel…”

Although, notably, I performed as a unicyclist for the first time. I rode in the school talent show. I didn’t know many tricks, but I strung them together into a two-minute one-wheeled dance.

Like a showman, I saved my big tricks (stomach on seat, hopping in a circle, and crushing a can) for the end. However, just as I rounded the corner to show my true skill, my tire suffered a pinch flat from an inproperly installed tube…

I fall and get nutted

merry christmas