big drops in snow

Hey Everyone,
My first video of 2014, first with Kris Holm Unicycles, filmed at the beginning of March if I recall correctly. The video’s description sums up the day fairly well, its only a day edit, the filming was cut well short by the weather.
Enjoy, comment your thoughts, and subscribe?

wow impressive riding great video


That was absolutely epic. Wish it snowed here! Is that a kh 24?

I’m thinking 26"

That looked very dangerous, but you were set and ready. Tricky ride considering the slipperiness and the snow hiding rocks and tree stumps underneath. Great challenge, but great fun. Where I live, I haven’t seen snow for over a decade.

Yep it’s a KH 26, 3.0 tire, 150 mm cranks. Definitely my favourite setup right now.

Thanks for the comments!

Wooow, the video is really impressive. It should be too difficult to ride on snow

Awesome as usual :smiley: