Big Dog visits our humble abode

Our club was honored tonight to have as special guest the president of the U.S.A…Unicycling Society of America, that is.

Tom Daniels is in Illinois on business and was able to attend our club practice tonight. It was a thrill for the kids who have not attended a national event to meet him and feel the connection to the national organization. Tom even served as our guest referee for our evening’s hockey game.

Thanks, Tom, for taking the time to visit. It was a real pleasure and we all enjoyed the conversation.


Oops, forgot to attach the proof…


In case I forget to mention it, Your the Man.


So who’s the big oaf in the blue shirt?

it’s kewl to c the ‘big people’ mixing it with the ‘lil people’

quite a gathering u had there bruce
is that a normal turn out?

That would be Olaf the Oaf. :slight_smile:

We usually have 30-40 show up on Monday nights so I guess the picture shows within typical. Our group consists of mostly elementary and jr. high age kids with a few adults thrown in for good measure. We sure have a lot of fun!


Our boys Ben and Brad have both posted on the newsgroup. In the picture, Ben is in the top row in the blue club shirt on and Brad is sitting next to Mom (Mary) wearing the white Elvis MUCster shirt.

:slight_smile: Looks like your having a lot of fun just sitting there. :sunglasses: Does anyone move from that spot…or is that what everyone does? Nice looking Unicycles lying there…Wish we had a club in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I don’t know of anyone in this city that has a Uni…:frowning: Uni-On…Remember that two wheels are for sissys…Keith

The picture was tough to set up. You have to remember that these are Elem. and Jr. High kids…they do anything but just sit there! :slight_smile:


Ok, both Tom and Bruce know how much I respect them and I’m sure they all had a great time, but there’s something about those shots that makes me think of the painting “American Gothic”.

Could it be that stoic midwesternism in the face of fun. :wink:

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


I had a great time meeting your club members. As an added bonus, I got to visit the Rochelle metroplex. Seeing the twin cooling towers of Braidwood Generating Station looming to the west over the Rochelle business district made me think I was driving into Springfield in the opening shot of the Simpsons.

A few words about the group picture. The little boy I’m holding in my lap is 3 1/2. His first unicycle is on the way! The little girl sitting on my left was a hoot. She was inching her way along the folded up stands (right where we are sititng in the picture) for about an hour, talking and laughing the whole time. She can ride a few feet at a time if you hold her hand.

I’m proud to say that all of the riders in the picture are members of the Unicycling Society of America. Take a good look at these young people: This is what we are all about! The joy on Bruce’s face as he races around the gym durring a heated round of, “Sharks and Minnows,” says more than I could ever say about the rewards of making our sport accesible to a great bunch of kids.

Tom Daniels
President and Part-Time Uni-Hockey Referee
Unicycling Society of America, Inc.

Yep. I know it is hard to get it set up when everyone is busy. I use to work with teenagers at PAR. I just wished your club was in florida. If it wasn’t so cold in IL I might move there just to join the club. Have a great day…Keith :sunglasses:

Cold? It’s a beautiful sunny day at a balmy 9 degrees today! Very refreshing and invigorating. A great day to be alive!



I’m about an hour and 20 minutes away. Maybe we should get a SW Florida club going… :slight_smile:

Hello AccordNSX. That might be a good Idea. They have a juggling club over in Tampa. but I don’t know if they ride Unicycles. The problem is, I work late wednesdays and can not make the meetings. I also don’t feel like driving 50 miles one way just for a couple of hours. I have a Yahoo group I started StPeteJugglers :smiley: I was hoping some interest was shown in St. Pete. I seen one kid on a Unicycle last year as he rode past the house but I haven’t seen him sense then. I have been using the basketball court at the park to practice on hoping that someone would say that they ride a uni, but nobody has said anything. Are you in a club or do you ride solo? I can send the name and address of the club in tampa if you want it if your in that area. Enjoy your day…Uni-On :sunglasses: …Bye Keith

I’ve got a friend who lives in Bradenton that I try to ride with at least weekly. Usually he comes here, or I’ll go there. Other than that I have no other riding partners really. From what I hear there are two kids that unicycle at the high school I use to attend. Hopefully I can find some way of tracking them down. Maybe one day we can get a big FUC going on.
A Florida Unicycling Convention.