big commuter

Has anyone tried this? Did it work?
(the picture don’t work for me)

this seat!!!

1) I haven’t tried it considering it is $756 Oz and doesn’t include shipping and so on and don’t worry, i don’t think there was meant to be a pic unless it collapsed b4 putting it online. :smiley:
2) The seat on that might not suit it judging by the bigger tyre, etc. Also a Solid tyre isn’t always a good selection when compared to a Pneumatic tyre.

Pneumatic tire: Ride all day, ride to work, ride offroad.

Hard rubber tire: Parades, shows occasional long rides.

Also you can spin like crazy and turn on a dime on a hard-tire uni like the Semcycle. Very different from riding a Coker! If you want to do shows or parades, it’s great. But take it from me, if I want to go anywhere, I take the Coker. I’ve had my 45" hard-tire big wheel for 25 years, and now it only gets used for parades, shows, and the occasional showing off.

how much faster is your 45’’ than your Coker?

The correct question is how much slower is the 45" than the Coker in commute style or touring style riding.

John Foss will explain why.