Big Bail And Busted Uni Video?

Title says all.

Id like to see a video of a bunch of big bails and busted parts clips. Cuz i dont kno about you guys but a few good bails to me makes a good video that much better:D.

So is there anyone out there who’s good with an editor that would like to answer my call and edit a bunch of clips for this video? And anyone whos got some good bail or busted uni clips that would like to send em in is welcome once we get an editor.


Just go on and im sure you will find plenty of good bails.


Yeah…But i kinda wanted a compilation…Ive seen all the vids on
Find the beer, then, the password…
and you’ll see what you want :wink:


Xavier C.

I must have missed something…care to offer a hand?

i cant find it too

found it, how are you suppose to know the p word?


Thats what I was wondering.

your my new unicycling hero, i bow down to you

I now where the beer is. Now, what’s the password? :wink:

i known where the beer is

but what is the password

hahahahha i got in, i got in

you all suck, im ace

Tell me, please.

, figgure it out for yourlsef,

wheres the fun if i tell you eh

Ha, little bit of trickery but I found it out…


yay i know the password to.

Ouch, nice bails

Ya, I got it.

some one tell me at least where to find the beer!!!Please

I am really confused… someone please help me.