Big Apple Unicycling

Thanks for the great response to my posts about getting uni riders in the New
York City area together for rides and practice. The list now includes about
fifteen people and is growing daily. The group consists of a wide range of ages,
skill levels and areas of interest including tricks, distance, basketball, muni
(off-road) etc. Suggestions have been made to have future meets in areas outside
of the city as well as in town to be more fair to those interested who don’t
live in the city, and to make the riding more interesting. Please let me know
how you feel about this and if you have suggestions for meeting spots.

The first meet is tomorrow (sunday) the 25th at 2:00 pm in Central Park at the
bandshell located at 72nd street near the center of the park. Hope to see you. I
will keep you posted about the following weekend. Please let me know when would
be convenient for you. …Andrew