Big Apple Tire for Yuni 29er, clarify please

Digging around past threads, I found reference to the Big Apple Tire .

It says its 28 x 2.35. Will this fit on my Yuni 29er ?

Tire says 28. Specs for Yuni says 700c rim. But its refered to as 29er.

Somebody set me straight.

I have a big apple (28x2.35) mounted on the standard 700C rim that comes with the Nimbus II (Yuni) 28" Unicycle. The tyre does look wide on the rim but it works fine. I am still playing with pressures to get itjust right butit makes for a really smooth road ride.

29er is the same as 700c and in most cases is the same as 28" - except for a few dodgy unicycles still being sold with funny sized 28" rims.

To check, look on your tyre. If it says “622” on it anywhere, then its the same size as the big apple.

It definately fits in the frame (I use it in a Nimbus II).


700c is the nominal common size for road bikes these days. The actual size of a mounted tire then depends on how “fat” the tire is; how much diameter it adds to the rim. Smaller tires will be in the 28" range, like on my hybrid ride-to-work Miyata Triple Cross. Fatter tires will be closer to 29" diameter.

It’s important, as someone mentioned, to make sure your tire is made for a 700c rim, and not some older, or odder size. Most newer tires should fit 700c, but it’s a good idea to check!

Re: Big Apple Tire for Yuni 29er, clarify please

My reply with a link to a pic was posted on Usenet but didn’t get through here. I’ll post the pic directly, it’s the stock 35 mm wide tyre and the Big Apple.

In my case the rollout diameter increased from 27.07 inch to 29.20 inch.

Klaas Bil

Thanks folks.

I ordered one from Schwalbe Tires in Canada. She sounded like it would be here for christmas! Can’t wait…

I’ll be sure to post my review.

The lady took all my info and I said “so that’ll be $34.40?” She said “$68.80 for two”… You can fill in the rest.:smiley: