Big Apple sidewall cracks and excellent Schwalbe support

Hi all. Thought I would forward this exchange to you all. If you have purchased a Big Apple from me and are experiencing this problem please let me know.

I went out for about an hour with my Big Apple today (see photo) and rode on pavement, over high speed-bumps, and the like with no problems. I don’t think this is a safety issue but if you are concerned about it, contact your supplier and mention it to them.

This exchange is a typical example of how easy it is to work with Schwalbe.

Exchange follows:

Hi Dave,

Thanks very much for your email and for the details concerning the Big Apple.

We are indeed aware of some of the BAs having sidewall cracks, but the issue was addressed and problem solved.

While cracking sidewalls are a fairly “common” occurrence, they are a nuisance and we do our best to not have the problem arise; it is a problem with the heating of the rubber…sometimes too hot…sometimes too cool.

Regardless, we are happy to replace the tires in question if you would like. I will simply need the style, size, quantity, and the serial number that is stamped on the inside of the tire.

All of this information goes directly to Germany and our quality control managers take it from there.

Fear not, the Big Apple is one of our top tires and we will have them for a long time.

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.



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From: “David Stockton” <>
To: “Celeste Steindl” <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 2004 9:09 AM
Subject: Big Apple 700c Sidewall cracks

> Hi Celeste –
> You may remember me – Dave Stockton from The Ordinary
> Bike Shop in CT. I’ve been placing Big Apples on
> unicycles for a while now but starting to notice
> sidewall cracks on my personal uni. This is
> light-moderate use with storage in a shed or in the
> car, typical inflation pressure about 55 psi. I’ve
> had this tire installed for a few months now, with
> little or no tread wear so far.
> I have noticed a less pronounced version of this on
> one customer’s unicycle, but nothing so far on other
> tires, nor have I heard of this on the Internet.
> Is this a one-time thing, or a problem with the Big
> Apple in general? Would I expect to see the same on
> smaller Big Apple tires? If so, what recourse do I
> and my customers have?
> So far we really enjoy the Big Apple 700c for unicycle
> use – it’s a beautiful ride. It has become the road
> 700c unicycle tire of choice. I hope it continues to
> be available, and I will continue to promote it as a
> great unicycle tire. However, if this cracking is a
> problem, we should fix the problem right away so that
> it can stay in that position.
> I’ve enclosed a couple of photos for your use.
> Thanks very much!
> – Dave Stockton