Big Apple: bigger = better?

Just about to buy a new tyre for my 29er for road use. Any reason not to get the 2.35" rather than than 2.0"?

IMO, bigger is better

I have a KH29 and both Big Apple tires. The 2.35 is generally more cushy, and it’s rounder and more like “your own personal rollercoaster” as I have in my sig-line. Due to its curviness (IMO) it pulls pretty strongly down a road crown, though this effect is lessened by increasing tire pressure.

The 2.0 is a straighter and lighter tire, and pulls less on a slanted surface. I bought the 2.35 for hill-climbing races, and then the following year bought the 2.0 for the same purpose. For this specialty, I recommend the 2.0. Otherwise, the 2.35 is more fun.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, guys