Big Air Tricks?

My new neighbors were kind enough to grant me access to their insane dirt bike track when its not being used. These guys have spent so much time building the most insane collection of jumps ive ever seen! …and its only 20 feet from my apartment.

I started on my trials uni but have lately favored the muni since the jumps are big and the larger tire gets me more speed.

My only tricks to date are 360s, flares and your normal big air jump. Ive been working on flaring and reaching down on one side to grab my foot for a moment, but have only gotten as far as my sock line/ankle.

So i’d like some more ideas. What kinda tricks do you all like to do off jumps??? These jumps are plenty big so I’ll have plenty of time to screw around in the air. Hit me with your biggest! :smiley:

Re: Big Air Tricks?


i thougt flares were backflip 180s! i’d be well impressed if you could do those! what do you mean by flares?


Don’t forget Tire Grabs and Tweaks.
I agree with gingerfreek. what do you meen by flares?


Pictures/Videos, please! I love dirt jumps! I’ve never tried anything besides just jumping though. How much air do you get?


oops, sorry i thought i knew the word. I can NOT do backflip 180s!!
holy cow! That’s be one to shoot for! :smiley:

When i said flare i just meant lifting the wheel up to one side and curving my body a little. Afterwards i straighten my body back up for the landing. Kinda the way the dirt bike guys do. Does this make sense? Im bad at explaining myself.

Sabin- can you explain tire grabs and tweaks a little more. Was tweak maybe the word i was looking for instead of “flare”? I suppose i can guess at what tire grabs are, but as you can tell i am not so good with the terminology.

Hmm, pictures/videos. I gotta get some better filming equipment. =/ And someone to film. I havent even found anyone else around here that rides a uni! All in due time, huh? :slight_smile:

happy trails!

i use too many smileys. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Mango- Tweaks are when you jump off something, you keep your body facing forward but you turn the uni 90 degrees, then straighten out for the landing.


The thing you are referring to as a flare…is normally called a shifty.


So I’m sure we’re all dying to know…how much air are you getting?


airbourne uni spins!!! in a sidehop, not a rolling jump though.

transition to hop on wheel during a drop

land in a toe jam

i’m the one and only airbourne.

airbourne uni spins!!!

…theres something to try. Ive never even tried a unispin on the ground on my muni. Where theres a will theres a way. I’ll get on it :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the input (and corrections) folks. Keep it coming! I already gained a few more scratches today trying stuff out…I couldnt be happier.

As for andrew and hell-on-wheel- Im not exactly sure how high i get. But it feels good and high and i have plenty of time in the air to think about what i wanna do and how i wanna land. I must admit that its mostly the way the jumps are set up that gets me so lit.

One of my favorite jumps so far has a bit of a lip and then a very steep drop right after that. The landing on it is set up so that if you push out far enough from the jump you land on an angled part so that you can just role on out instead of being in danger of stuffing on a very flat landing. So i can get pretty high off the jump and then get even more time in the air coming down.

I swear i didnt pick out this apartment because it has an insane dirt track right behind it! :wink:

Yes, there are more of us in San Diego…but, so far as I know, not many! I MUni just about every weekend with another local MUni-addict. We meet lots of mountain bikers, but have never seen another MUni rider on our trails. You’d be welcome to join us if you’re into MUni and want some riding partners.

In between, I usually do some trials work in a local parking lot. No big air though…just high hopes. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re an up and coming flier.


omg omg omg! haha

I didnt think there was anyone else around here. I was getting all depressed!

Of course, i would love company! I live in Santee. Where do you usually ride?

ill pm you my email and phone number. -erik

Have you got any suggestions on how to do high dirt jumps? How big should the jumps (the objects, not the things you do over them) be as well? And what angle would they be right at the lip? Do you have access to a digital camera?


I have found when i go out dirt jumping on my bike the best for the unicycle are small table tops. I have made about 80cm+ into the air using a 26" Max Traction with 125 cranks. any smaller doesnt work.


pics of the setup

ok ok, i got a few pictures up. Please be warned, my camera is nothing more than a webcam with batteries! heres the gallery:

3ftdrop : kinda bad runway, great landing, nice lip to hit

4ftdrop: good runway, decent landing, it was hard to get good perspective on this for the pics

farset: kinda small but lots of options, i havent done too much on it

upper: I have to go for distance on this one to clear the tabletop part. The runway on this lets you get a lot of speed. Its a lot of fun.

lower: This is right next to upper but the jump itself is lower and shorter. The landing on this is real steep and long! When you jump off you end up falling quite a ways parrallel to the landing cause its so steep.

There are a few other pics just called uni that are real fun sharp ups and downs. they didnt come out very well with the camera.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Theres lots more jumps and tabletops scattered around but these were just the closest best few that i took pics of. Theres also a great hill with tons of boulders and mtb trails in back. I’ll take vids if/when i get a decent camera.

Someone put a lot of time into making these jumps. They’re all really hard packed dirt and from the looks of some of the junk around, they probably used pieces of wood and old carpet to fortify things. Ill try to add to it someday if i learn how.

Can anyone give some basics on how to build jumps and make them last?

big wheel, small cranks – sounds like a great combo!:slight_smile: I have to huff it on my muni (24). maybe ill get some shorter cranks at some point.