Bien le Bonjour! Hello!

Salut à tous ! :flushed:

Hi to everyone ! :grinning:

Let’s introduce myself

I’m French :clipperton_island:, 51 YO, I began Unicycle four years ago after an accident :face_with_head_bandage: and bored of road cycling :unamused:

I just liked the challenge on one wheel and the multiplicity of disciplines that can be done on unicycles

Today, I’ve an intermediate level and I practice (a lot !) road unicycle, Muni and easy tricks, but I haven’t did my best already on this point! :rage:

I’m working hard :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: to be able to do trickiest figures to also practice trial and flat

I already chat with unicyclists on a French Forum :partying_face:. Coming here will be an opportunity to meet other people :yum: and also to improve my english :woozy_face:

So see you later !

Cheers ! :wave:


Bienvenue! :wave::+1:


Welcome on this new and beautiful forum! Happy to see you there in addition to our French forum - whose @Canapin is the admin, too :smiley:



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