Bicycling - the way forward

Please don’t flame me! Wait to see what I’ve got to say!

Yesterday I was on a Presentation Skills course. The last task we had to do was to spend 5 minutes to prepare a 2 minute off the cuff presentation.

Starting by quoting the geneticist Steve Jones who said that bicycles have been a great invention in adding genetic diversity allowing people to cycle to the next village, I went on to list the benefits of bicycling (most of which also apply to unicycling). As the 2 minute buzzer went, I came to my wrap-up line…

“Unlike unicycles, bicycles HAVE to be the way forward: they can’t go backwards!”


Unless you have a fixie :wink:

But anyway… good statement :smiley:

I do miss my bike, I miss wind in my hair.

what this really means is I need a geared hub. . . . but there is definitely something special about a bicycle, it makes you feel free when you ride one. I feel like I’m limited, even though I’ve ridden 70 miles on a unicycle, I feel like I could do double that on a bike and be more comfortable doing it. You can also carry much more, especially on a touring bike or cargo bike. Even tandems are reasonable for transportation.

I love bikes, I just love my unicycle(s) more.

Yeah, that’s why I have 4 of each. :slight_smile:

I find bike pretty cool to ride actually, I find it harder to ride than my unis:p

That’s why I only buy stuff for my unis, I have a super-ghetto-frankestein Fixie here… I didn’t paid anything for it;)

HAHA me too! :sunglasses:

I hate doing distance over 5km on my 29". I’d rather take a bike for any distance from 3km or more. I only go to school on my 29" so I don’t really mind, it’s only 10 minutes. A uni takes way less place and it’s way easier to play in the traffic than a bike.