I bought a Torker Dx from Although it was cheap and there was free shipping, it takes 2-4 weeks to deliver. I still have not gotten my unicycle and it has been 4 weeks. My friend also ordered one at the same time as I, and he has not recieved his either. STAY AWAY from bicyclesource. if you do order from them order on the phone not online. and dont get free shipping pay for some good shipping.


I ordered my Torker LX from on May 24th, 2005, and I got it on May 26, 2005. That took only two days. I payed zippo for shipping, and the e.t.a was 7-10 days. I guess just isn’t very consistent. I enjoyed their business, and I hope you get your DX soon, zohar.

thanx, wow, 2 days thats crazy!! I still suggest that all should be wary.

I just got a torker from bicyclesorce as well. They held it forever waiting for my paypal to clear, but once that happened it took three days for UPS to get it from NJ to MI. Good deal on the uni too.

hey i baught a 20’ torker dx on May 24, its not here yet. but i called the store(1-973-208-5644) and thay said thay were expecting a shipment form troxer yesterday and if it came in I should recive my unicycle in wednesday or thursday so i hope there are right.

hey i gest was look on the web for some dx’s cheaper and i found thisweb site

I ordered a torker lx a while back from them and it took a very long time for delivery- and they are not good about answering emails at all. In the end I think mine didn’t ship until several weeks after I was supposed to have it…

What kind of post-sales support do you get?

After two phone calls (straight to voicemail), I’ve noticed a 48 hr. plus delay on a response. I haven’t received any answers to my emails (other than the auto-reply, see below); it’s been a week since my last email. My order was put in almost two weeks ago, but I haven’t received a tracking number, so I’m assuming it hasn’t been sent yet… too bad I didn’t see this thread before my order! :frowning:

Here’s the auto-reply I keep getting:

BTW, the phone number they sent doesn’t work anymore… the new number is 973-208-5644. :roll_eyes:

I’m glad somebody got their order fulfilled, otherwise, I’d be calling the proper NJ district attorney and filing charges! Has anyone talked to the BBB about these guys? I think it’s time to write a letter or two. I just don’t get a good feeling from this vendor.

I checked the BBB listing for Bicycle Source and found they’ve already earned an “unsatisfactory record”. Furthermore, they’ve even snubbed the BBB’s requests for further information on the company. I guess they just don’t like talking to anyone, be it customers or agencies…

I kick myself twice for not doing any research on these hacks.

Amazingly enough, just minutes after my last phone call, a tracking number showed up in my email inbox. Phew!

False alarm. The tracking number was generated through genuine UPS software, and comes directly from the domain, but the number itself is bogus: the UPS web site won’t accept it!

Good thing these yahoos are on the East Coast, otherwise, I’d be driving to their HQ with a machete and a bad attitude right about now.


hey im on the east coast and i gest got my tracking number jun 3 is the day

So what’s the savings over if ordering from this company? Was it worth it?

I, too, am wondering about the logic here. Purchase price is only one aspect of the total cost of obtaining and maintaining a unicycle.

I just got my tracking number… They sent my package 4 weeks after purchase!!! ups says shipping will take 3 days. JUNE 3 yippe! I think they wait for 5 orders then order the unis from torker and then once they get them they ship thme out! GRR they annoy me.


The 2005 Torker DX is out of stock at, so it wasn’t an option (I’m leaving the country in a few weeks and want to take it with me).

Had I been able to purchase it from, I’d pay $50 more on the sticker price alone, then another $20 or so for shipping. Other vendors (incl. eBay sellers) offering the DX would’ve saved me only $20 or so over

I’d say 25% savings is worth a little headache. does the same. You may get a tracking number before the item ships. The tracking number won’t be tracked until a UPS employee scans it.

So right now you’ve got a tracking number for a package that hasn’t been scanned by a UPS employee yet. Once it gets scanned it’ll be in the system and you can track it.

Thank you 8-ball, er, great oracle john-san, you are correct, and I am a hot-head.

I should be receiving my DX in one week… total time from order to scheduled delivery: 18 days. Not too bad, I guess…

I read this thread soon after ordering my Torker DX from bicyclesource. I wanted to pay through Paypal, but did not get any contact info to send the payment to. I tried to call them but never got through to them. This was all on Monday. On Tuesday I received an email saying that they would ship as soon as payment was received. They listed the info to send it to. I also realized that the initial order confirmation email that requested payment got snagged by my spam filter. I paypaled my payment. Today is Wednesday and I received a tracking number early this morning. It’s showing up on the UPS system and should be here tomorrow (according to UPS).

I don’t feel that their communication skills are the best, but it looks like I’m going to get my uni pretty quickly and cheaply.

We’ll see…

I guess I got lucky, but I just got a Sun 26" from bicyclesource, it came in less than a week, which is awesome.

BUT: paying for the item was quite complicated for me, especially since I payed through paypal.