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yesterday i was thinking and i wondered whether it was worth buying a coker or a larger uni than my 20 to use for distance riding. the thought suddenly occcured to me that i would never be able to afford buying a new uni as i had already bought one like 2 weeks ago.

so i thought to myself why not try to save money and make one myself, i was thinking of buying an old bike from a car boot sale or dump and using the front wheel.

i wasnt too sure if this is possible so i thought id come on here and ask you guys for advice.

so, if you have any information or advice for making a uni from a bycycle then please reply.

thanks very much


Based on previous similar posts, I think most people would agree, the fork on the front wheel of a bicycle is not strong enough to be used for a unicycle.

You can make a standard unicycle from the front fork of a bike and a short giraffe from the rest of the bike frame.

If all you want is a standard uni it would be cheaper to buy a Torker LX. By the time you add in the cost for a unicycle hub, new spokes, a unicycle seat, unicycle cranks, bearings, etc. you’d end up spending more than the cost of a brand new Torker LX.

There are several ways to make a unicycle frame out of a bike fork. One is to straighten the fork. Then flatten the ends like a Miyata frame. Then use the Miyata bearing brackets. All fairly easy to to.

Another way is to weld or braze on the United main cap bearing mounts to the bike fork.

Re: bicycle - unicycle conversion


look at they build odd bikes and unis.

Cheers Dave