Bicycle Type handlebar Setup for Distance Riding

I was contemplating the Idea of a Bicycle type, straight bar, extended from the seat post to use for pure distance riding on my 36er. I’ve seen and tried a lot of different variations. IE KH bar, KH bar with Aerobar, Nimbus shadow handlebar. Wondering if you could have a better stance with a wider handlebar stance. Has anyone already tried a setup like this before? How did they go about building it? Looked up a bunch of other different variations on the custom handlebar thread but not much associated with pure road riding. Any suggestions relating to this would be great.

possibly a wide bar has not being explorered? i would be interested in your findings if you pursue customising a setup and give feedback.

What is it you are trying to achieve with it exactly? My understanding to why bikes have different length handle bars is pretty well void on the way a unicycle is steered.

For pure distance did you not find the aero bar style setup suitable?

This handlebar looks a little wider than most. A design like it could probably be widened quite a bit.

Beat me to the pic… Bahhh

As far as unis go with the bar length yeah. But I feel the areo’s dont really help you steer much either. All my distance riding is on a 36er so I’m not really trying to make tight turns anyways. I will post back with an update when I figure out same way to make somethings work. Was considering running a Bar from the Seat post with a drop down attachment from the seat to reduce flex and a just straight bar on the front. I has hoping to achieve a more bicycle like stance and move my body closer the the wheel for better aerodynamics. Its just a thought though.

I’ve been using drop bar ends (designed to make a flat bar more like a road drop bar) on my handle for a few months. I really like having the extra hand positions.


Also could do it like a penny

I think I’ve seen some bike type handlebars on a v-frame. Was it Turtle who had one?

Yes he does

Are there pics of this anywhere (or could you post some?). I’ve been thinking about drop bars, but wasn’t sure how well they’d work.

I was thinking just the other day during a ride, why don’t we have wider, more bike like handle bars. I could see benefits and it may be more comfortable…

Anything wider than you can clear during a UPD could pose a serious risk of injury. I can just barely clear my aerobar setup, which is far narrower than a bicycle type handlebar would be.

Good point. I believe riders have actually been killed on penny farthings because of handlebars getting in the way when they crashed.

Personally, with the amount I upd on my 36 (very very rarely) I would still consider it if it was truly more comfortable.

So what if you break an arm? Who needs 'em anyways? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the aerobar setup is ideal for maximum riding comfort, because it allows your arms to rest on the elbow pads, whereas a bicycle type handlebar does not. And unlike a bike’s front wheel, which moves left/right via the handlebars, and independently of the frame, we don’t use handlebars/touring bars to turn/steer.

I think The aerobar setup is ideal for maximum riding comfort, because it allows your arms to rest on the elbow pads, and stretch out a bit, whereas a bicycle type handlebar does not. And since a bike’s front wheel moves left/right independently of the frame, via the handlebars, that basic function of turning/steering is totally lost on a unicycle.

See this post: What is the optimal T-bar setup?

Note my setup is more for mixed riding but the drop position is good for longer distance cruising. For pure distance road riding you’d probably want the bar further away.

Thanks! Do you hit them with your knees at all?

Wide handlebars

I have no problem at all with my wide handlebars. At unicon in brixen i had a hard fall. But i had no problem with clearing my handlebars.
The handlebars are normal bicycle size

Here is a recent picture of me riding my unicycle

No, the T-section is trimmed narrow like it would be on a muni so there’s no leg contact when pedaling.