Bicycle seat for road use.

Anyone had any experience of this? Modern road bike seats are incredibly narrow and quite long. They might work on a road unicycle. It’d be an expensive experiment, though.

Anyone tried it?

on a normal uni, I don’t think so. However, on a uni like the Purple Phaze, it might be interesting. I only say this because bike seats are really designed to allow leg movement around a point not only below but in front of where you’re sitting. Unicycles go straight down. The handlebars on a uni like Purple Phaze (and possibly the Outta Phaze unis, which I want one of even though they don’t exist to my knowledge… u-turn? :D) allow the seat to be pushed farther back. If I were to do a road tour on a uni, that would be the machine I’d pick.

I was planning on doing that with the 29 I’m building. I figured that since I’m going to use an aero bar, it might work out.

Hi Flyer, you are welcome to contact LiveWire Unicycles for more information.

I should point out that there are two distinct aspects to Pete’s innovative Purple Phaze unicycle. The first aspect is the external jackshaft design, which has been done several times in the past, but is sufficiently modern that we are licensing it from Pete (also out of respect). The second aspect is the frame design, which Pete is allowing us to use without license. This is a fairly straightforward extension of the Hunter frame to a more inclined body position, and is innovative in that Pete envisioned and built it, and made it work for himself.

Although our photos show Pete’s unicycle, there is no reason that the two ideas cannot be separated. Accordingly, the Outta Phaze (an externally-fixed geared unicycle) will not necessarily have Pete’s frame design. For the first version, we are trying to cut down on the number of new things in order to focus on several fundamentals of the drive train, and will likely (not surely) use a more traditional frame design.

It is also possible for us to build an ungeared unicycle with the v-frame design.

Thanks for your interest!

I would think it could only work if you ride with some weight permanently on some form of handlebars, or you would just slip forward on the saddle. Unless you angled the saddle upwards, but that would be pretty uncomfortable I reckon - bike saddles are best when slightly tilted nose down.

This is how I’m setting up my Schlumpf uni, and depending on how it goes, will probably set up my MUNIs as well.

There is no reason for MUni and road Unicycle seats to have a curve on it. A flat seat* should be much more comfy since it does not force the front of your crotch against the front of the seat.

In terms of handling, most riders are resting their weight on handles all the time, so you’re not likely to topple forwards.

[*Bike riders complain about saddle soreness after riding for a few hours, whereas unicycle riders complain about saddle soreness after riding a few minutes- that’s the only reason I can think of why this should be the case- especially for unicyclists who are using handles to rest their weight on]