Bicycle laws for most of North America

I was wondering what was considred a bicycle in my provence, so I found this site. Most of the places have a definition of bicycle. Because there is often discussion about laws here, I will post it:

Edit:It was originally made for bicycle laws for highwys, but it still has useful information about definitions etc.

Thank you very much for showing us this! This could come in very handy while traveling. So much easier to find information quickly (I found the definition for bike in Oregon in about 1 minute of searching). This is a very handy tool. Highly recommended (four out of 5 Pacos agree!)

Yah, I just came back from vacation and I was able to quickly find the laws everywhere I went, just to see. I didnt even know what my local laws were.

My favorite off-road place is closed to bicycles on weekends, but luckily my uni doesn’t count as one.

Stupid Ontario. Telling me my unicycle is a bike. What are they smoking, and has it been decriminalised yet?

Other than that, very informative.

On state trails in Minnesota, “bicycle” means any land-based vehicle powered by human muscle; “horseback riding” includes all modes of human transport produced at least in part by nonhuman muscle. (Therefore, a skateboard is a bicycle and dogsledding is horseback riding!)

In Wisconsin, a unicycle is classified as a “play vehicle.” “Play vehicle” means a coaster, skate board, roller skates, sled, toboggan, unicycle or toy vehicle on which a person may ride. (340.01) (Inline skates are not included in this category.) No person riding upon any play vehicle may attach the same or himself or herself to any vehicle upon a roadway or go upon any roadway except while crossing a roadway at a crosswalk. (346.78)



Walking a dog would be considered horseback riding if it pulls on the leash.

Re: Bicycle laws for most of North America

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>Walking a dog would be considered horseback riding if it pulls on the

And someone riding a unicycle who “walks” the dog while the dog pulls
on the leash would be considered bicycling and horseback riding at the
same time.


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