Bicycle Freestyle?

It’s good, but all tricks are done on one wheel, apart from the coasting which looks very impressive but I’m sure its not that hard considering any one can coast a freewheeling bicycle but not that many people can coast a free-wheeling unicycle.

I think that type of riding is usually called “artistic cycling”. A sort of formal version of flatland BMX.

BTW - wrong forum? :wink:


The great, great, great grandaddy of BMX Freestyle, dating back to the vaudevillians and circus cyclists of the 1890s! Not that the current promoters of the sport like to admit that. I call it Artistic Bicycling, to clarify the number of wheels, though the direct translation would be Artistic Cycling, or even more literally, Artistic Wheel Driving. :slight_smile:

Not if they’re on one wheel all the time. I didn’t watch the clip, but I assume the “coasting” being described was taking place while they were standing up on the bike in various ways? Try that and then call it easy. Especially both feet on the seat, not holding onto each other!

Oh, and those are the kiddies (Junior Championships)! Look how good they are! BTW, they’re on one wheel most of the time because those tricks are harder (worth more points).

Hmm - didn’t intend to imply that BMX came first.

Even knowing how good Sam is on a unicycle I too thought he was a bit mean to call it easy!


I didn’t mean it would be easy, just a bit easier than stand-up coasting. Although it looks just as impressive.
The act is amazing! Although it could do with a bit of wheel walking :smiley:

The skill levels are out of this world, and yet the performances are pretty boring once you’ve seen a few dozen of them. They aren’t allowed to wheel walk; it’s not on the list!

It looks like they’re setting up for some kind of bike hockey at the end.

That would be Cycle Ball (search “radball” to learn more).

BMX bikes aren’t fixed.

But I guess they have 26" sew-up tires, upside-down road bike-type handlebars, seats that stick way out the back and a 1:1 drive? Thanks for all the help.

While we’re nitpicking, it’s not Freestyle either, it’s kind of the opposite. You can only do skills listed in the sport’s rules, and you get judged on how well you execute them. Our Standard Skill event is a direct descendant of this, using the same floor markings and very similar rules.

Or freeRide:

You are very welcome. you’ve been quite helpful also. thank you for your sharing all of your wisdom and being so nice. :wink: