bicycle advocacy

i’ve got a paper to write for english about alternative transportation, specifically (bi)cycles, and i need some sources. any of you know any offhand?

Ok here ya go:

Adventure Cycling Association:

Bikes Belong Coalition:

League of American Bicyclists:

BikePlan Source:

Traffic Solutions:

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition:

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition:

hope this helps. are you at UTA?


Better Environmentally Sound Transportation in Vancouver has a whack of info and links on their webpage.

Good luck with the paper. Cool topic.

yes, i’m at UTA. i need some print sources too

The Immortal Class: Messengers and the Cult of Human Power by Travis Hugh Culley

dude, i checked that book out from the library here like a month ago. i only read the intro before returning it, but i bet nobody’s taken it since. lucky me