Beyond The Beyond

New video I made today.

Youtube - LQ

Gallery - HQ

Vimeo - HQ

Download - HQ

Comments are very appreciated…



PS - I might re-edit it because when I saved it it cut out like 6-8 seconds so thats why it ends kinda funny:p

Ohhh and I realise there are too many 3 spins and backflips so I think I will re-edit soon…

ahah. did you not watch the video as a finished product?

Of course I did…Its just when I was saving it I just started to realise.

Did you even watch it?:stuck_out_tongue:

ahaha No, I said shutup because I knew and I didnt need to know again.

And thanks…I will re-edit so everybody expect something better than this, But will keep it on until then.

ya i watched it. you were right way too many backs. but good job anyway.

Traitor! XD

Good gob, very impressive. I liked it. You’re getting really good.

wicked! your getting really good. I cant believe at OUI 07 you were just a bit better than me!:stuck_out_tongue:

Cool Isaac! You is getting good fast!

Can you crank Flip? I can crank flip…but i’m really scaried about the back flips… :o

Congratulations again!


Hey, Nice vid bud! Keep up the good riding!

Hey great job on the back flips. I didn’t really mind the repetative tricks, but it would have been nice to have a few locations other then your driveway.

Nice job with learning backflips. Video did get pretty repetitive…

Song sounds familiar, hmmm.

Matt V - Thanks Matt, i going to edit it over again, but i didnt want to ride on the salty roads so I just stayed in my driveway…and its not supposed to be a full vid, just a newish one, my new one in the sping will be much better.:slight_smile:

AgentQ - Yeah thanks repetitive, im going to edit it over again now. Thanks.

Rustynail - Thanks Russel

pedrotejada - Thanks soo much, no I cant crankflip:p I guess my good kicking foot is my back.

Uni-Ouly - Thanks Luke, you gotta make a new vid:)

Danni - Ahh thanks Danni…Traitor! XD Whats that supposed to mean?

Thanks though…

Ohh yeah I got the version to be saved for the whole length…

I am just about to re-edit it.


rubbish, it dossn’t apear to exist

Yeah sorry I am re-editting it right now so this evening you will see hopefully the better version:p


Ok I was wondering where the youtube version went! Haha, I did the same thing with mine; I removed it so i could re-edit mine too! Look forward to seeing yours!:smiley:

Ohh cool Terry, well it will be done this eveing I hope.