Beware of cheap chinese unicycles


Looking on the internet today, come across some unicycles which are quite expensive for what they are.

Here is one:

Which is:

  • Impossible to ride
  • Says it has "spring fork" when the photo shows it doesn't
  • Is $150 (£96). I wouldn't spend £5 on one.
  • Asks for 5 star reviews only

There are a few unicycles here. Here is a 28" one:

  • Says it has brake, when photo shows it doesn't.
  • Very heavy (10KG)
  • A single wheel lock (What ever that means
  • Males are the "Applicable people"
  • Is $201 (£129). You could get a UDC 29" for £115, and far better quality.
  • Asks for 5 star reviews only
  • On the "Frrdback" Section, the "Trading Evaluation" is 5 stars. I would not rate it one star.

There are more unicycles too. Full of errors as well.

I haven’t got one, never will do. I’ve had cheap Chinese electronics given to me before, some are so dangerous, and some don’t even work.

Simply, stay away from any unbranded chinese stuff.

I’m sorry, even though you said for me to only give good reviews, sorry, I written a bad one. Not.

Yeah that’s no good, but I doubt anyone here, or really anyone who knows how to buy something on the internet would buy those, unless they just buy the first item they find.

I also thought your post was funny. You’re like the anti-spammer.
You have one post, like most spammers here, yet your post is unicycle related and telling us NOT to buy something. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to come on here years ago, but forgotten my user name and email I used to sign up with. (I can remember the password though). So I just made a new one.

Another reason to beware of the cheap Chinese unicycles: they are going to get better and better, putting somebody else in the world out of business, eventually. Currently, yeah, they’re pretty bad. But you’ve got to admire what they’re capable of making with poor-quality materials. I have a fair amount of experience dealing with Chinese student musical instruments. The metal key-work of their clarinets, for example, is made from pot-metal, which is poured into a mold, rather than machined out of forged parts. And the plastic on some of the clarinets emits an awful benzene-like odor when the petroleum-based cork grease is applied. Back to unicycles…not that I ever want to ride one of the aforementioned hunks-of-junk, but if you stop and consider what the Chinese are capable of making with cheap materials and relatively low-tech machinery, then you might still gain some admiration for the Chinese. Give them some time, the quality of their parts and manufacturing infrastructure will improve, and so will their product.

Scratching my head over that first one. How the heck would anybody actually ride it?

If you reverse the seat it is probably ridable.

I suspect it wouldn’t be too bad if you adjusted the seat angle or just stood up.

Scool Unis

Every couple of years someone brings them up on the forum and someone who has ridden them chimes in that you can’t tell much of a difference when riding it (and that they offer a wide range of adjustment).

shut up if you don’t see the real things

The first is unbranded, I agree.


I have that 700c unicycle.

actually, the price in China is RMB550,which is about $95 ,it’s very easy to buy it on Taobao here in China. it’s the only one 700c you could buy in China.

second, the knight HAS a brake.

third, who told you the knight is 10KG? , the knight 700c is less than 7kg, and the Knight also have 36 unicycles, the 36 is less than 8kg(include the handle bar), I am using one.

Knight is the Largest unicycle brand in China. more than 80% people here using Knight unicycle.

I am in China, China have many low price but hight quality products include unicycle. I am sorry if you have bad experience on any Chinese products, but we still have good things , we are the world’s largest exporting country.

If anybody wanna know more about the current situation about unicycle and unicyclist, just feel free to pm me.

When I was a child, 100 years ago, we complained bitterly about products made in Japan.
Next, we complained bitterly about products made in Taiwan (where all our fancy unicycles, b*kes, etc., are now made).
And now we’re complaining about China.
Next will be Vietnam, then India, then Indonesia, then Africa…did I leave anyone out?

My Torker LX has a sticker that says it was made in China.

Why, just this morning I rolled over on my Chinese mattress, threw off my Chinese covers, turned off my Chinese alarm clock, put on my Chinese glasses, and staggered into the bathroom where I flipped my Chinese lightswitch and picked up my Chinese toothbrush…

I know the first one. Some people ride it. Not worse than the other unis you get at LBS or discounter. Why should it be impossible to ride? With the frame mounted reverse, it’s a really great uni to learn wheelwalk.

And why should we be aware of chinese unicycles? Most bikes and unicycles are made in taiwan, which is, of course: china. taiwan is the international mekka of bike production. If you don’t want unicycles from there, you should not buy KH, Nimus, Torker or Quax.

That the site of aliexpress is terrible in it’s product descriptions is well known …


Why impossible to ride? The relationship of the seat to the wheel is the same but this is a very clever design enabling a large adjustment in the seat height without the seat tube hitting the wheel. Some increase in weight vs strength no doubt but how else could you make a one size fits all unicycle? & is that a bad thing?

Yes, not sure why ‘cheap Chinese’. Cheap is obviously always something to be careful with, you get what you pay for.
As plenty of people above have pointed out, just about all our uni’s come from China and Taiwan.
Didn’t know about the Knight brand, learn something new everyday :slight_smile:

Those weird bent-fork unicycles (Do they have a proper name?) Look crazy! If their seat height adjustment is that much better, maybe they should’ve made a 36er like that instead of adjustable/telescopic forks? Would that work at all, or is the design too weak?

But quantity does not imply quality. In fact, usually quantity implies low quality, and high quality implies low quantity.

I agree it’s clever. There isn’t really much to innovate on a unicycle and that is probably the most original idea I have seen.

Clearly the seat is on the wrong way around. My comments assume this.

Not a lot of extra material in the frame. You could cut off any extra seat post but that would defeat the obvious advantage.

A less obvious advantage is the excellent knee clearance to the fork crown. You might not want to be doing spins. :astonished: However there could be some interesting freestyle positions.:wink: And wheelwalking as Eric said.

Having so much more of its mass offset from the seat to road contact point axis would increase yaw inertia when making tight turns. I don’t know whether this would be noticeable but I suspect it would.

It might dampen the tendency to weave or it might find a resonance and be prone to instability at certain speeds.

Out of curiosity I would like to ride one and maybe even experiment with added weights on the bottom of the seat post to see what effect it does have.

I would want to be able to replace the seat post with a KH adjustable and a four bolt seat.

How so? If the seat were the other direction the front of the seat would be horizontal and the back almost vertical.
Interesting thoughts about rotational inertia. That would be an interesting thing to experiment with. Would it be more difficult to initiate a turn but easier to maintain? Would there be less squirrelling? Would hop turns be out?
However lightness is king I have found. Changing pedals, cranks and shoes all at the same time and losing about 1kg from my drive chain I found I could ride uphill much better on singletrack and ride over roots and rocks better.