better trials

i think there was already a thread about this but i couldn’t find it so here it goes. which is better, the nimbus 20" isis trials or the qu-ax 20" isis trials?

From what I’ve heard nimbus with KH moments is generally accepted as the better, but both are good.

even though quax has 48 hole hub? tell me if i’m wrong but the nimbus is lighter but isn’t the quax stronger?

If you keep your rim tensioned 48 holes is overkill for 98% of trials riders.

One thing to consider is crank length. 145’s are a bit too long for street, but some preffer it for trials.

Edit: If you get it from UDC UK you can prob get the Nimbus w/ Qu-Ax cranks & reinforced aluminum post and save 182g (202g w/ 127’s).

The 08 quax looks better than the nimbus IMO.
48 spokes will guarantee a longer life for harder rides. The quax seatpost is alu reinforced, the seat is KH style.

I would go with the quax if I had to.
I would go with a KH if I could.

Have u seen it?
i want to see one…

okay nevermind, I haven’t riden either.

Kyle’s post = void!