Better Seat?

I have a question about saddles. I am planning on getting a Nimbus ISIS Trials and I’m upgrading the cranks to KH Moments. I was wondering if I should get a saddle upgrade also? So if anyone thinks that it would be worth it to upgrade to a different saddle please tell.


Nah that saddle is good. If you can afford it maybe a cf base.

have them switch it to a KH fusion street seat.

they are much better in my opinion.

if you can afford it definantly get a carbon base.

what do you find better about the kh fusion street saddle then the nimbus gel?

removable cover.
different logo
other than that they are the same
wait maybe a little difference in the gel pad but i dont think so

If you’re only doing trials, don’t worry about the seat so much. You won’t be sitting on it very much, and when you get to riding SIF, you’ll be sitting on it even less.

I believe the only advantage you’d get by switching to the KH street saddle is a slimmer profile. This would be good if you have small hands, but then again, you could mod your Nimbus seat and get the same result.

The KH street is a little easier to hold onto, but I hear not quite as comfortable as the Nimbus Gel, which in turn is easier and more comfortable than the Torker DX, and way more comfortable than the LX IMO.

i say dont change the seat, my friend has a nimbus on his DX and i have a k1 orange bud seat on my uni(fyi almost exact same seat as KH) and the nimbus is much better for SIF and is more comfortable.

cool thanks for all the comments.
I will not be getting a different saddle on my new uni which I will be ordering today:D

i am also planning on getting that nimbus and i was wondering the same thing so thanks!!!

That’s funny because that’s exactly what I was going to say.

Nimbus Trials…whoot popular.

cool. Are you getting any upgrades/changes on it? I’m getting 137mm kh moment cranks, steel seat post instead of aluminum, and plastic pedals so I don’t tear my shins up to bad.

I am not going to purchase anything with it until later on, but I plan to powdercoat the frame white, the rim neon green, the seat clamp matching the rim, and possibly a colored hub. Eventually I will get the cranks, (possibly within a couple days if I have the money and I am waiting for it to get powdercoated) and probably some snazzy colored pedals. Maybe a seat post. I don’t know if it’s really that worth it though (?). Which post are you getting? Can you link it on UDC?

Maybe some tempurpedic foam in the seat for kicks (although that wouldn’t be very useful for trials) and a custom seat cover.

In my experience, I’ve found this foam useless for a unicycle seat. The foam seems to be of the open-cell type, which compresses completely flat when pressure is applied.

Don’t let me discourage you, though… if you haven’t any nerves in your bum, or hate being comfortable, then go ahead and use the foam.

If you make a custom cover, please post pictures… we love seeing custom seats here!

Hrmm, that’s interesting. Thanks for the tipoff. I actually got the idea from a motorcycle mod (they do this often from what I understand). Anyways it’s a trials seat either way I wouldn’t do it.

I will definitely post pics of the custom cover…I will definitely make one sooner or later.