better flat

what crank is better for flat
the kh with out rollos or the Qu-ax crmo

if you have used both i would like to know why you like one more then the other.

I used KH with Rollos a little bit, and I’m riding Qu-Ax Cr-Mo now. I really like the Qu-Ax Cr-mo, I find the KH with rollos too large. I’m not an expert at flatland, and some have ridden both more than me. Qu-ax cranks are also way lighter than moments

cool thanks. ya i have kh and rollos they are big but without the rollos they are too small.

does anyone make isis tubular cranks for unicycles besides koxxone and impact.

Not that I know of. The k1s are good though.

thank, ya i was just wondering if anyone else made some.

Renegade has the K1 cranks but they are kinda spendy. Love them though!

If only K1 sold dual holes. Or more sizes, for that matter.