Better Design (Mod) than KH Crank

I wonder why KH is still using “Nubbed Cranks”

kh hub.jpg

When there is an easy modification available


Those aren’t really nubs on the upper photo of the new KH unicycle, because the cranks have a Q-factor. So your ankle won’t really hit them unless you try to…I think. (Q-factor is the amount the cranks are bent outward)


I have not hit the nubs with my ankles at all on my new KH.

the problem I have with the nubs is when I grind handrails, they smack the supports for the rail. so I have to point the front of the tire in more than I want to. I use profile cranks which have a tiny nob, I can’t imagine using kh or summit cranks.

Leeman is right, my Onza cranks have the same exact nubs(mostly because they are basically the same cranks other than signature), and I have never hit my ankles while riding. It’s all the Q-factor.

Yeah but, they still are nubs. Wouldn’t it be better yet with the above modification?

No, it wouldnt. leeman180 has it right.

the new kh cranks are similar to the profile cranks. the q-factor makes it so you will never hit your ankles. there isnt any nubs there anyway.

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I’ve just bought a set of those kh cranks and didn’t realise how bad the nubs were till i started riding the thing. I think i’ll be modifying mine in the same way.What are the threads for anyway inside where the bolt is?

Here’s a pic of my new hub and cranks

Re: nubs

they are for keeping the crank on the axle, the pinch bolt is mearly an aditional way of keeping it there.

Thanks Jagur but i was talking about the fine thread that is inside the crank arm. It looks like it was for a dust cap or something.

That’s for a crank removal tool or on the new KH’s a self extractor thing.

Re: Better Design (Mod) than KH Crank

On Sat, 2 Apr 2005 02:07:08 -0600, “jagur” wrote:

>the pinch bolt is mearly an
>aditional way of keeping it there.

I think the pinch bolt’s main function is to eliminate play between
the crank and the hub. There has to be some play for enabling to move
the crank on and off the hub, but there should be no play for riding.
So you ‘pinch’ the crank’s hole around the splines on the hub.

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ive never hit my ankles, even on the big nubby cranks. must be the way i ride. but i think its impossible on profiles, cuz there is like nothing there.

dude, marty has his name on his rim! now that is super rockin mista magic!

i have hit my ankles on the '06 torker dx, but only because i was wearing bad shoes (those slip on vans ones). never done it wearing skate shoes (etnies)
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Marty, thats not the same crankset as in the first picture, thats a 1st generation KH splined crank, with the massive projection on it. PDC’s pictures of removing that nub will help you, and make it more comfortable to ride. However, the original post of the black cranks on the blue frame (the 05 Onza/KH crankset) have no nub at all due to being a 3-piece crank, and the Q-factor stops your ankle getting near the axle interface anyway.


I’m a believer, since this old thread I now have both a 2005 KH Trials and Muni and there is no problem with ankle clearance.