Bet You Can't Do This...

Not sure who has already seen this but its pretty amazing…

holy crap balls…
i cant even idle on a giraffe…let alone idle one footed!!

I can’t 1-foot idle either, but that’s not even close to the hardest thing about that trick.

I can one foot idle but not on a giraffe. The bowl thing is the easy part what are you talking about?



It’s so funny how there are only about 10 different Chinese acrobat routines andit’s always the same exact ones.


You think kicking up 5 bowls and catching them on your head is easy? Can you do that?

not even catching them on your head…catching them on the pile of bowls on your head!

Yeah, so Timbob? Can ya?

i dunno, with only a 20" wheel, could you NOT?

i could probably do it, i just don’t like to show off

I’m so confident that I could do that with ease that I won’t even bother trying.