best/worst rides?

does anyone know of any threads about peoples best or worst rides and falls/wipouts. if there isn’t id be glad to start one here. my best ride was coming down from the top of clingmans dome in the smokie mountains. i was riding down the path when i hit a really steep sectionand started to go to fast. and so i was starting to speed out of control when i finally did get back in control a group on menanite women were there to take my picture. so i got to show off and had a lot of fun.

I thought mennonites couldn’t use cameras…

I think my worst ride was a couple weeks ago. see, I hadn’t gone unicycling for like two months, which is terrible. so I was finally going, and I was STOKED, so about fifteen minutes after I started riding, my profile crank arm fell off. the GD crank bolt was missing!! AAAAAUUUUUUUUGH

My best ride was at Moab, Moab is great! My three best rides were at Moab, in fact.( Three rides, three days) I cant say what the best out of them all was, they were all great, but I would have to say friday’s ride of fools, the Moab Rim Trail, because it was fun, hard, steep, and had the most trials stuff we did. In fact my avatar is of me at Moab Rim trail.

I dont really have a worst ride, except maybe when I broke the axle on my old LX the day before I was going to sell it.

well aparently they can use digital cameras :astonished: :smiley: