Best wheel size for Muni?

Well, after a lot of reading and dreaming, I finally made a decision and purchased a KH 24 inch muni with 125/150 cranks. Yesterday was its madien voyage and I could not be happier. I rode for about 2 hours through a local mountain bike trail and although it’s noticabily slower than my 29 inch Nimbus muni at the same 150 crank length, I enjoyed its pivoting quickness and its brute force in climbing short steep hills. I even handled my first ‘unplanned’ 5 inch drop without a UPD.

As stated by many on this forum, selecting a unicycle “depends” on a lot of variables [juggleaddict]. It depends on where you ride, skills of riding, experience with riding other unicycles, what you want to learn to do and how much cash is in your pocket.

I love rough terrain riding. Cross-country and mountain bike paths are my current fascinations and slow to moderate speeds are good for me.

Since I did not have an opportunity to try out other sizes before making this purchase, I based my decision to buy the 24 inch KH on the following:

  • 26 inch would be too close to the ride of my 29 inch muni
  • a 26 inch would still be too high for me to practice new skills (At times, it can still be scary up there.)
  • traveling with a 24 inch in a suitcase or in the back of my care would would be easier
  • I’m not worried about having an external disc, because if I’d ever damaged the external disc, I will hang it on my wall with pride for riding so aggressive that I could do something like that
  • My history was similar to uniscott’s story (thanks for a sharing)
  • Schumpf insight from saskatchewanian
  • The Nimbus with the cranks and seat I wanted put it in the same price category as the KH
  • my local mountain bike trails offer technical tracks and cross-country tracks.
If I was only going to own one muni, it would be a 26 inch. If I was only going to own two mountain unicycles, it would be a 24 inch and a 29 inch (maybe with a schlumpf) If I was only going to own three unicycles, it would be a 24, 29 and a road 36 inch (it looks like I’m headed in this direction).

And to all for posted there stories and advice throughout this forum, I say, “Thank you.” I could not have made my decision without your input.

Hey, George J, machineman and gregolopogus,

How is your selection process going?

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