Best way to start 360ing

whats the easiest way to land a 360? would it be easiest to slowly ride of an edge and forward jump into it? or would stationary be best to land it first?

Do it rolling slowly. Many of us have found that pivoting before the takeoff and after the landing help to get a feel for the motion. That way, during your first attempts, you are not actually rotating much more than the 180 you are comfortable with. Practicing static 360s is going to wear down your tire, and it won’t feel like you are progressing quickly.

I would say static is much easier in the beginning! You have much more control and then you can focuse more on the spin and landing :slight_smile: Try it with a little pre-hop it might help! :smiley:

Thanks for the advice lol i poped my tire yesterday because i landed on the side and it like depresed my tire and cause a little hole to rip :stuck_out_tongue: oh well its fixed now.

i learned to do 360s but setting up a pallet against a wall at an angle and jumping at a 90 degree angle on it and then twisting off backwards. It gave me much more power on the twist.

If your gonna do it on flat keep high tire pressure because its easier to twist. Low tire pressure is just gonna fold your tire over and slow your twist down and you get those nasty pinch flats.

Jump or uni spin? (if jump do as above)