Best way to mount for muni?


I’ve just started getting into muni by trying it out on my 20" trials but I have a KH26 coming. One thing I’ve had a bit of trouble with is mounting on rocky flat/downhill sections. I’ve always just mounted with one pedal all the way down but I often get hung up on a small rock or have to do a small back pedal before I get going forward. Is there a better way to mount that will work with obstacles around and get me going forward right away?


Static mount, with the pedals horizontal is what I think most people use. If you’re in a really tricky spot you can go straight into hopping from that.

Static mount or rolling mount are definitely your two best options. Both take a little bit of time to get comfortable with, especially if you’re slightly new to the sport, but are well worth it in the end. They can both translate to, and are helpful with, mounting larger wheels. Rolling mount is my favorite for my 36er.