Best Way to Crank flip

I’m looking for a way to learn to crank flip. so if people could post ways to learn or learning progressions that would be so awesome.


Ahhh, another crankflip thread!

Anyway, I know there have been lots of good tips posted here and if you search you can find some. Some tips from Shaun were put on

For progression learn revs and maybe no footers.

Were gonna need a crankflip forum! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, Jeff (skate4flip) and I have made a very detailed guide on how to crankflip:

Spencer[8:52 PM]: step 1: ride
Spencer [8:52 PM]: step 2: crankflip
Spencer [8:52 PM]: step 3: land
Jeff [8:52 PM]: step 4: repeat
Spencer [8:53 PM]: step 5: varial flip down a 5 set
Jeff[8:53 PM]: step 6: nut yourself really hard
Spencer [8:53 PM]: step 7: repeat
Jeff [8:53 PM]: step 8: create another crankflip thread on your experiences in learning crankflips
Spencer [8:54 PM]: step 9: create another crankflip poll asking who has tips
Spencer[8:54 PM]: step 10: repeat step 8 and 9

I will land one tonight becuase of that advice


you wish mike hahahahaha lol I still haven’t landed one where I take both my feet off but shaun said it was still a crankflip so I am happy for now

go out and practice