Best way to contact Tom Miller (of the Unicycle Factory)?

I was wondering what the best way to contact Tom Miller of the Unicycle Factory about buying some ss coker spokes. If you know he no longer has any of the ss spokes left then there is no point for me to contact him.

Here’s the contact info for The Unicycle Factory. You have to call. He doesn’t do email.

I do have a set of Tom Miller SS spokes from a previous wheel. They fit a widewide hub and an Airfoil rim. If you need a set and are willing to use used spokes I could dig into my boxes of stuff and see if it’s a full set and how many extras I actually have.

that would be great, PM me if you find them.

If you can’t get hold of Tom Miller, or he has no spokes left, you can get stainless steel coker spokes from