best video(s)

I’m doing a project at school about unicycling and I am planning put put a video or two of unicycling in my PowerPoint. I need some suggestions what what videos would best portray unicycling that are at an apporate length and apporate background music. Thanks for your help


So what do you mean by appropriate length?

could you not cut part of a video clip? because to best show unicycling, you will want something that shows more than one style of unicycling.

appropriate length would mean not so long that it becomes boring, for example I don’t want to have a 8 min. video because I have a time limit of 10 minutes but I probably could convince my teacher to have it a little longer if needed.

A great collection of some of the better videos is here. I don’t know which one to choose though.

i really like kevin mcmullins video on unicycle.2ya. its really cool mostly cuz i like the grinds. i dotn feel like hyperlinking that bs but trust me its awesome.

same here, I hoping to use for videos but since it’s not currently working…

The video is here.

you have permission to use parts of my SMD video from my gallery:

yes, but that would require a lot of work and it would be easier for this to get a video all ready edited.

How about the universe 2 or Defect traliers?
Web site:
U2 trailer (.mov):
Defect Trailer (.mov):

Do you know how long I’ve been looking for that video of myself?? Hahaha. Thanks for locating it for me!! Hey Carson, anytime you’re at UNC again, send me an email “kevinmc (at) email (dot) unc (dot)edu”.

See ya!


You convinced me, I’m stating to translate the site :smiley:

does anyone know where I can find a version of the Defect trailer that’s not quick time? I need to be able to save the source and I can’t do that in quick time unless I pay and go pro…

I have a .wmv version of it on my PC. I converted it so i could put it on my portable media player. AIM me and ill send it to you. Aim:KacTheAce

almost anything from koxx is insane, but i would suggest the 2005 freestyle video, i will get you the link after dinner, its my favourite video though.

I presented last Tuesday and got my grade back today. I got a 96 which was the highest grade in the class. I was only taken off points for Quality of material is slides (-2 points out of 20) and -2 points for presentation voice (out of 10). I ended up using the Defect trailer and Kevin Mcmullin’s video, everyone was really impressed. I also got a lot of good comments at school when I brought my unicycle in and rode it during lunch. thanks for your help.