best video gallery

I’ve looked at all of the clips in Ryan’s video gallery (all the ones I could on my mac), and they’ve left me hungry for more. Can anybody recommed another gallery or site with a wealth of footage such as his?

your just going to have to surf though all those gallerys,there are lots of them that have vids.

that’s why I asked

oh i see,you want direct links.fair enough.

im on page 10.but thats old school me,i dont ride little wheelz anymore.

Okay… - particularly for the Kris Holm workshop videos, but also the great freestyle stuff there. - Max’s stuff - Some Austrian guy - Unicon 11 - Phil’s stuff - Jagur’s stuff - Mike and Nick’s movie - John Foss’ videos

…and that’s just the videos. I know I’ve missed out heaps of great galleries there, but that’s a start. Have fun!


muniac the movie

Grinding on handrails:

Various pedalgrabs and things from Ben Plotkin-Swing:

There’s loads in there, just go browsing…


Yeh, Ben’s videos are really good if you’re practicing/learning pedal grabbing and jumping high and stuff like that. I got the big muniac version but my computer’s too slow to play it properly.

Your comments are much appreciated.

yeah, I had problems viewing Ben’s videos too. I just see the opening shot and maybe one movement. I haven’t had that problem viewing other videos before. Any help on my problem?
I am using the computers at school. They are only two years old, so I figured they could handle this.

I have dialup at home.


What do I need for my mac to view the massive amount of AVI’s? Some work, but others (most) just download and show me a blank video screen.


The video links are at the bottom of the home page.

Our Unicycle Italy film and Motorama footage will be up soon.


Ben Plotkin-Swing’s videos are in MPEG 1 format (the same format used for VCD, video CDs). Windows Media Player can play MPEG 1 video. Install or reinstall Windows Media Player 9 and you should be able to play the video.

if you want…