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I havnt been around recently, but I want a 26 inch Muni. Seriously, the coker is great for roads and the monty is great for trials, but I have nothing in between.

So Im looking for the best value. Im a poor college kid, and this is comming out of my food budget (I only have money for food and books, and thats streching it.)

So anyways, Im looking for something good.I could always just switch seats between my monty and this, so the seat doesnt need to be perfect. preforably a 3.0" tire. Doesnt need to be profile, but I weigh 150 lbs and I’ve totaled a hub before, so nothing too cheezmo.

Anyways, If I could get some reccomondaions that are around 300 bucks. I could go higher or lower depending on what im getting. Im really looking for value here.

Thanks guys

If you want “good,” the obvious choice is the KH. There is no other MUni in that price range with a splined axle.

Think carefully: why do you want a 26? Do you want a 24 with a very fat tyre (26 inch diameter) or a 26, or a 26 with a very fat tyre (almost a 28)? Or why not go all the way and get a 29?

Too many variables. Buy one of each.:smiley:

Re: best value

Is there anything closer to 300 bucks? Undoubtedly, the Kris Holm is a great value, but it’s 1.5 times more expensive than the price range he’s looking for. I got my entire setup for a lot cheaper, but that’s a different story. :smiley:
My personal recommendation is to not rule out 24"x3" munis. Like Mike said, a 24 uni with a 3" tire effectively makes it a 26er. And it does increase the rim strength slightly.
Anyways, no particular recommendation, but just remember to keep the 24 munis in mind.

You could always build a muni.
I built mine for under $300. I’m riding an intense 24x3 with monty 158 cranks, a suzue hub (I only weigh 105, and I’m getting an Onza for trials), a KH seat, Yuni frame, and Zuzu pedals. That’d go for around $350-$400 on You can also save at least $40 by welding together your own frame. I did three of them and then decided that I wasn’t confident in my welding skills enough to ride a home built frame. I must say, though, my welds were better than the ones found on the Yuni frame (not that it’s a bad frame). Also my frames used chromoly. You can save money by just building your own wheel.

Oh yeah, now that the KH hub is for sale, you can go splined and still keep the costs under $300.

oh yeah, sorry. I could go 24 or 26. Dont want a 29. Deffinatly want a 3.0" tire though.

Splined would be wicked nice. Whats the cheapest splined wheel set out there now. I know its not profile, is it?

I dont need to go all out on a seat, I have a CF miyata on my trials 'cycle so thats fine, although I guess Id build up a 2nd when I got the cash.

Thanks again for the input. Id like to get this ASAP, do some DH before the northern winter.

Try the Coker off road, if you haven’t already. You might be amazed at what you can do on it, and save yourself a few quid. I really like my Coker on hardpacked gravel roads or easy trails.

Wear a helmet, branches will knock you upside your head…

I forgot to mention that I hazve 170 cranks on my Coker, off roading with 150s just didn’t work for me. carjug

Nah, I need something I can do 2 foot drops on, stand up to DH. Im leaning towards the 26 because it would be quick, and relativly manuverable. I guess a 24 would be about the same?

I think I already have it down to the KH or a Yuni. What happened to the summits! Didnt they have a 24 or 26 splined Muni out for a while?

The Onzas are comming to the US soon. There’s no price tag on them yet, but the price in the UK is 230£ = 365$.
I know it’s over the 300$ in your budget, but the specs on the uni look good.

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