Best Used Unicycle Brand/Model/Style for a Beginner

I should not be much surprised if this question had been asked before.
Perhaps, if there was an old thread available covering the subject, someone
might just send that to me directly.

I want to start riding a unicycle but have not the funds to purchase a brand
new model. I was hoping, therefore, to buy a good used one. I am also hoping
to limit my search by knowing ahead of time the most appropriate brand,
model, and style for a beginner.

Thanks in advance.

I wish my first uni had been a 24 incher, as I might have done more riding sooner.

As for brand… If it looks in good condition and the seat isn’t too bad, and the price is right… you can have a lot of fun on a cheap and basic one and you won’t mind damaging it. Then when you’ve ridden it for a bit, you will know what improvements you would like for your style of riding when you buy the inevitable second unicycle.

Have fun.

Go to and check out the unis they have listed in the catalog under “trainers”. Even if you don’t buy from them (why wouldn’t you?) you can learn a lot from browsing the catalog. Thats how I learned enough to feel comfortable about buying my first uni (a basic 24" United, if your interested).