Best unicycling trick?

Julian Monney. Unfortunately the site where there was video seems to have shut down.

I think, without being able to do either of course, that this is probably harder than the slack rope ultimate wheel thing because at least in that you can see where the restoring forces come from and what you could react against even if you would have to have awesome balance and arm strength to do it.


I hope someone can find this vid/clip. I gotta see it. :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Go to and watch the freestyle roadtrip 2005 video. Julien’s stand on seat coasting is in that.

Ok. Found it. Julian coasting

that’s pretty cool. I thought he was gonna stand on the actual saddle.
How does he start?

That is crazy!

It’s a custom saddle/foot stand thing if I recall and I think he starts be being towed, but I can’t remember that either. It’s been a while since I saw details on this subject.

I thought it was jsut a peice of wood. =p

HMm, for me, visually, I like any late variation down a big set. Played in slow motion. With different angles. Replayed 3 times. :slight_smile:

yeah. I think he just crewed a peice of wood to his post.

That’s reeaally fun!! Definitely one of my favorite things to do, on a uni…

In China Julian and I and a whole bunch of top riders stood together, when he told he would do it. Everybody laughed, cause they couldn’t believe it, and thought it was a joke. As it theoreticly was possible, and Julian is the biggest unicycle talent ever, I didn’t laugh cause I believed he could do so. It took him years, but man I’ve played that video over and over again!
By far the “Best unicycling trick” ever! (or else; go out there and try it with support!)