Best unicycling trick?

What do people think is the best unicycle trick done to date.

stand on seat coast

Yeah, that really beats them all.

I should have said, the best street unicycling trick.

Any trick going big, like your treyflip down 5 stairs or shauns crankflip down 8 stairs.

fakie tripple 360 varial 720 stutter flip into a 27 stair kinked rail. that kills any other street trick there is. (i guess you could leave out the rail so its not a combo but then you gotta do it down a 5 stair minimum). land into stand on seat coast i guess.

That would make a cool video.:smiley:

whats a stutter flip suppose to be?

shifty, they are soo fun when you know you did a good one yet soo easy.

Crankflip, catch with feet, then Backflip, all done mid air of course. As far as I know, nobody has done one yet tho Sean Joehannson has done a foot plant stutter.

And I guess a “fakie tripple 360 varial 720 stutter flip” would be a fakie stutter 3 times (crankflip - backflip /crankflip - backflip /crankflip - backflip) with a 360 hoptwist and a 720 unispin all at once?!

That would be an ok trick but Luke said “unicycle trick done to date”. What’s the best one that’s already been done?

I guess just a flip onto a round rail is fairly good. I’d still really like to see them onto “natural rails” rather than skatepark ones though. Or stuff like, a big treyflip into a grind would be cool to see

“Best” as in ‘best looking’ or best as in ‘hardest/most technical’?

i realy like the way sidespins look.

so i think its one of the best looking

bye bye

I like unispins and stand-up wheel-walking. Those are great.

Edit: not street, but I’ve always wanted to glide down a hill at a decent speed. I’ve got to keep on practicing.

who can stand on seat coast?

Possible new trick/variation on crank flip

HAs anyone ever done–and I don’t know if there’s a name for it–A “hand flip”? In other words, instead of using your feet to flip the cranks, you would reach down (while hopping up, doing a no-footer) to quickly spin the wheel around with you hand, at least one rotation then land it like a crank flip. Can this be done, or has anyone tried this?

In this thread, I described my favorite. For those too lazy to click, it was Swedish performer Reino doing an inverted ride of an ultimate wheel on a slackrope. That is, pedaling with his hands while in a handstand. I know it’s not a street trick, but it blows all of the current street stuff away. Also that thread is from 2002…

Found this link with pictures from that thread:

OMG! That’s nuts!

I like 111.5cm side hops. That messes with peoples minds (like mine!)

I fooled around with doing this for a while, couldn’t get it on flat, I think I would need a little drop to have time for it. I think its possible, but I don’t think it will evolve as a commonly done trick, more of a novelty one.

As for the best trick ever done? I don’t really know, it would have to be part tech and part big, so maybe trey fakieflip 4, done by Luke himself. Not really sure. Favorite trick I’ve ever done is probably the 270 blind grind I did in If and Only If.

Kevin McMullin

I think stand-on-seat coast would be about 10x as hard to learn as inverted ultimatewheel on a slackline.

That assumption depends on how exactly the wheel’s making contact with the slackline.

For example, if I had a specially designed unicycle with just a “sticky rim” and no tyre, I think I could probably ride a slackline on it with very little practice. So the step up from that to inverted ultimate wheel, although huge, isn’t mind boggling.