Best unicycling pictures for 2020

Let’s celebrate another unicycling year, and post the best pictures of 2020 in this thread.

As usual, I want to create the World Unicycling Calendar for next year, with twelve pictures exclusively from 2020.
When finished, the calendar will be available for free to anyone as a pdf file to print a paper copy for yourself, and hang on your wall. I will post details in this thread once I’m done.
I’ve been the editor of the World Unicycling Calendar since 2011. Previous calendars can be found in this forum (use the Search function).

On the calendar I want to include a wide spectrum of disciplines such as muni, road riding, track racing, urban, freestyle, team sports, …
Key words: spectacular, amazing, remarkable, funny, expert riding, gorgeous scenery, technical picture quality, composition.

Please post (or link) your pictures on 27 December at the latest. to be elegible for the calendar. It’s OK to post low-res, because if the picture would pass pre-selection I’ll contact you for a high-res version.
In addition, I will browse through the “Pictures of your latest ride” thread for posts made in 2020.


I was really thrilled with this photo though it’s not landscape, which is a shame.

I think those are the only pictures I have that could remotely qualify. The second one could be of a too low resolution though.

@r4nd1nt that first one is sick!


Tomorrow is the 27th and we’re still very far from enough pictures for a calendar…

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Loads of pics are in a FB thread…

Ah ok, I’m not on FB so I missed that. used to be my only, then my main, source for calendar pictures (I’m doing the calendar since 2011). Since the makeover of the forum, traffic here has dropped while facebook has picked up. There are several fb threads in various unicycling fb groups for calendar pics, of which Unicycle Chat is by far the most active. And I use still other media than those two (for the calendar I mean). All in all, I think that I have this year more pictures than ever to choose from, even though it has been a relatively poor year with COVID. Hardly any events were organised.

But, anyone, if you have picture(s) to contribute: hurry up!

I think a weekly photo would be appropriate. So many great photos submitted.

Thanks for making the calendar again!

The first pic is from Spring taken on the highest mountain in the Harz Mountains the 1141 m high Brocken during first lockdown and the second pic is from a 100 km ride I did during this summers sailing trip to visit Mont Saint-Michel.


Hi everybody!
The World Unicycling Calendar 2021 is ready. Twelve stunning pictures all from 2020, one for each month, across a wide range of disciplines.
The calendar is available for free for anyone interested as a high-quality pdf file. Request your personal copy by sending an e-mail to unicyclist (at) xs4all (dot) nl. For my interest, please state your country.