Best unicycle to buy?

I need some opinions. My son(10) is in the unicycle club at his school. Currently he uses the one of the schools cycles but he would like to get his own and be able to join the actual team.

So I would like to surprise him with is own unicycle but I’m clueless as what I should buy. I figured I would ask his P.E. teacher but since I stumbled on this site I though you could help me now.

I was wondering about this one I saw on ebay

Would this be good for a 5 ft, 10 year old boy?

Thanks for any and all advice,

This uni would work fine until your son gets bigger and/or starts riding more aggressively. When he starts dropping off stuff bigger than a curb, hit might start to bend, but it would suffice until then.

it depends on what type of unicycling your son wants to do if he want to just ride around and do a couple of trick or freestyle yeah cx will be fine for that. but if he wants to do somethink like trail or street style unicycling you might be better off looking at these link i hope i may have helped you.


Since hes doing it in P.E. hes doing freestyle riding most likely. The one you linked to is decent for a starter but for 10 more dollars I can’t urge you enough and step up to the model above it:

It is all around better and you wont regret the purchase.

I’d definitely use a CX or LX because of the fact that they’re strong, durable, and very long lasting. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

the first uni I bought cost about £20 (about $40) and i started doing trials on that before i got my new uni, I repetedly jumped off this wall that is about 3 ft tall and its still fine also i jumped up and down rocks and did unispins on it, I had it a few weeks and yesterday sold it to me neighber who is now learning to ride on it

Don’t get the torker CX!

the seat is dreadful, the frame is dreadfull, and the wheel is cheap.

go with the LX.

I suggest the 20" Torker LX also. For just a bit more, you are getting a stronger wheel (more spokes and an alloy rim), a better seat (more comfortable and has a handle), stronger crankarms (won’t bend as easily if he decides to ride more aggressively later on). It may cost a bit less to buy it on Ebay, but I encourage you to talk with the folks at I know they work with one local school that has a unicycling program similar to what your son is most likely in. They have wonderful service and are exceptionally nice.

By the way, welcome to the forums!:slight_smile:

I would also say go with the TORKER LX

I’d have to agree with most of the posts above, the LX is a step up from the CX but I’ve been doing some pretty big stuff(for me) like side hoping down stairs and riding down stairs and doing 3-4 foot drops and I’ve been doing that kind of stuff for over a year now (I’ve been riding for 2 years and discovered this site a year ago and dove into the various new things I had discovered I could do on a unicycle, the possibilities are endless) My CX is still holding up just fine except for the seat (which was/ is like a brick in disguise) which is torn appart and so I need a new seat, but other than that my CX has held up great.

Thanks for all the advice

He has practice in the morning so I’m going to double check with his P.E. teacher. I will mention all to her and see.

Thanks again!!

I have the torker LX 24 Inch and it is great but im getting a KH soon:)


don’t forget that new one torker’s making, the “AX” model.

I dunno how those are, but it’s an option too.

hah i would have been happy to see my parents getting me the LX when i first started riding

Ok, maybe not the CX is a good unicycle to have. But the LX is a definite must have unicycle. :smiley: :smiley:

Are we voting on this?

Torker LX.

Torker LX for learining then the DX if you want to some serious tricks/riding/etc :smiley: