best unicycle shop ever?

what do you think is the best unicycle shop you know of is better than i think but i also like the look of is quite a bit expensive compared to dont ya think? is the best Unicycle shop ever, because it is in the best country in the world! It makes poor pale in comparison.

They should change that because it is no longer true, now has the widest range of affordable unicycles and parts.

whoah i didnt realize you guys dialed 0-800 numbers instead of 1-800 numbers wow!!!

What?! WHAT?! is cheap by anyones tandards!!! And is a great store! It’s a toss up between that and!

yeah is well cheap so cheap its is cheaper to buy the qu-ax hub crank set from that and get it ship then just buying it on
to ship and buy from£90
" " " " " £100ish
both these prices are shiped to the uk.

That’s the shipping and the weak dollar.
I have no complaints about service, product range or prices.

Since the subject was (sort of) brought up:
Thanks to everyone who’re making unicycles and parts available. Thanks for aiding the development of new and better products. We have much better products to choose from than 15 years ago, and this is largely because there is now a markedplace.
Without them I would still be using lollypop bearings and a metal seat with ½" soft foam padding.

HOORAY for them all! all the way :slight_smile:


Stupid everyone, not making a canadian unicycle shop! :angry:

I can’t believe that none of you north of the border boys have made a pitch for Bedford Unicycles of Toronto. Darren does some innovative stuff at very competitive prices. Plus he’s extremely helpful, responsive, and upfront about what he has and what you need.

Ya, I know. Darren is really good. I’ve ordered from him before. But what I ment was canadian ONLINE stores. I didn’t say it in my post before though.

Roger and the Drummonds are not competitors; they are two excellent parts of a very strong team! Having oceans between us and the parts we want is often the problem. When there is no mainstream import process to where you are, you often have to pay a premium to get things.

For Canada, does an email to Darren count as an online store? :slight_smile: